Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, I've been watching a lot of Orson Welles' films lately. Citizen Kane might be an acquired taste and The Magnificent Ambersons something of a kitchen sink drama, but the old man definitely had something about him. Chimes At Midnight, A Touch of Evil and the Third Man (which he never directed) are undoubtedly touched with genius. All those strange camera angles are initially disconcerting but, eventually, fascinating and futuristic in style. The Lady From Shanghai is merely a B movie based on a pulp novel--yet the finale in the hall of mirrors makes for some amazing cinematography.

Journey into Fear is a run-of-the-mill movie with Dolores Del Rio's leopard woman as perhaps its most memorable feature. I was amazed to discover that Del Rio was already 36 at the time of this film. She really does have one of the most beautiful faces that I've ever seen (it seems that she and the old man had a 3 year affair--lucky old Orson!)