Monday, May 01, 2006

Why are we here? If there was a big bang that started the universe which was enclosed inside a primordial egg, what surrounded the egg? We are prone to think of space as nothingness, but it seems this was produced by the big bang itself. What lies beyond space and time? Is my death of the same order as when I see a cow or horse die? If you cut my throat as a sheep's is cut, then I will die just as readily! Does God exist? Does he care? Is he a general principle suffusing the whole universe? Do we enjoy a closer relationship with "Him" than other life forms? What happens when we die? Are we born again? Do we simply sleep? Do we go to Paradise or Hell?

In spite of our progress, it's clear that many of our most important questions remain unanswered.

Time for a beer. DAMN! Wish I had some in the fridge!


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