Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Should we call Tomkins an "apologist" for LFC? A supporter or fan is someone who always backs the team, but is not blind to weaknesses and worrying trends. An "apologist" on the other hand always backs the powers that be. As far as I know, Tomkins has been absolutely silent on the ownership and stadium issues--unlike most of the fans. Basically, he doesn't want to upset the apple cart--another way of saying he is an "apologist". It is the same story with his view of events on the pitch.

Of course, Tomkins is right to point out that LFC have 7 from 9 points and have qualified for the CL in spite of a lot of problems. What he fails to acknowledge is that Liverpool just isn't firing as an attacking force and that the malaise has to do with the way Rafa has the team playing. First of all, at the end of last season the plan of using Torres as lone striker with Gerrard behind him as a second striker was working wonderfully well. Crouch was upset and one can understand him wanting to move. He's a fine player and wouldn't put up with being a permanent substitute--so Rafa sold him and then went out and bought Robbie Keane! What for? RK is a fine player--better than Crouch I'd say--but for that reason he's even less likely than Crouch to put up with being always on the bench! Rafa has included him in the starting line up by pairing him up front with Torres and mostly going for a rather predictable 4-4-2 formation.

The problem is both Torres and Keane need service and no one is providing it. On occasions, in their desperation to see the ball, they are even getting in each other's way (as against Sunderland where Keane blocked a goal bound shot of Torres’s, alla Bendtner). This is definitely a situation where the parts are greater than the whole. Individually and on paper, the team looks good with several world class players (at least 3 I would say). In practice, however, too many players are required to play the part of a round peg in a square hole.

In the meantime, Gerrard is separated from Torres and those incisive passes just aren't coming in anymore. As for the rest of the midfield, Mascherano is good at breaking up opposition attacks, but doesn't give much going forward. Kuyt works hard, but isn't a right winger, while Alonso is beginning to look strangely lightweight.

Overall, the team just isn't gelling together and I think they will soon come a cropper unless RB changes his ideas. On Sunday, RB and Liverpool had the chance to go 2 points clear at the top, but the final result was depressingly familiar in spite of Tomkins' spin. It’s good to be optimistic, but dangerous to ignore clear warning signs when they are present for anyone with a reasonable amount of football knowledge to see.


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Robbie Keane Rulz!

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