Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Twilight Zone

Ludwig Wittgenstein believed
The world was all that was the case:
A multiplicity conceived
Of facts (which made the human race!)

Thoughts were vital propositions,
Statements with a gist of sense:
"Truth functions" of an erudition
Simply complex--briefly dense!

"The case" was all the facts, not things:
Logical pictures were the thoughts;
The propositional function brings,
A photo of Grable in white shorts.

Beyond sweet Betty's pretty legs,
There lies a realm of mystic forms.
(The world is where one whines and begs
Within "the case's modes and norms!)

Take me to that land of silence,
Where the mystic truths are known;
Let me suddenly--at once!
Experience the "twilight zone"!


Blogger pluto85 said...

mi piace,xchè sono delle parole intense e profonde, che fanno riflettere,xchè vanno lette attentamente e capendo il senso di quello che c'è scritto

2:30 PM  
Blogger Jon Aristides said...

Grazie per questo commento cara.

3:14 AM  
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