Sunday, May 07, 2006

Who is right and who is wrong in this world? So often it seems to depend on which side of the fence you were born. A Palestinian is 100% sure he's in the right--and so is the Jew. The hardliners of every religion believe themselves to have a monopoly on the truth. Right and left wing fanatics think they are right--and what's more they believe their positions (which most of us abhor) to be perfectly reasonable. Democrats righteously declare the superiority of their mode of government to other systems, without closely examining just how democratic--or undemocratic-- democracy really is.

One man's drink is another man's poison. One man's hero, another man's warmonger. One man's fanatic is another man's prophet. One man's mediator is another man's weakling.

And I'm afraid there are no easy answers.


Blogger pluto85 said...

We can thank the Conquistadors for the fact that Latin America is Christian

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