Thursday, January 11, 2007


"If I had 10 Dylans in the final of American Idol we would not get 30 million viewers. I don't believe Bob Dylan would make American Idol better show. A singing poet? It just bores me to tears. I prefer Kelly's music to Dylan's."

What an immense buffoon this man is. It seems he left school at 16 to work in EMI's postal room and his lack of education shows. Sure, he has his finger on the pulse of those people who like the teletubbies and material of that ilk. However, Tom Clancy is more popular than Shakespeare--but does that mean the Bard is inferior?

No one would criticize Cowell if he just kept his mouth shut and did what he does best: look for pappy middle of the road talent which, unfortunately, is very popular with large masses of the population. Instead he decides criticize something that he clearly doesn't understand ("do you Mr. Jones?"). In any case, we can be sure that Dylan and his oeuvre will be remembered and appreciated long after Cowell and the bland material he "discovers" has been long since forgotten.


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Anonymous epoche said...

you truly love Dylan if you bother to defend him even against mass-culture frog perspective; i wouldn't; frogs will remain frogs anyway; but guess you practice your virtus towards the poet?

9:51 PM  
Blogger Jon Aristides said...

Epohe, I appreciate that not everyone likes Dylan. However, do you know Simon Cowell? He is bland, middle-of-the-road and thinks everything else should be the same. He believes that high quality stuff is rubbish simply because he doesn't understand it. I doubt he's read a good book in his life!

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Anonymous epoCHe said...

admonition: just don't worry and please calm down; why bother yourself with Simon Cowell? I don't even know if he is boy or girl, dead or alive, pink or blue...;
reflection: time retains what is wortwhile the eyes and ears of posterity and mills the rest into utter neant; time is - in this respect - just;
correction: my name - for today - is by the way ''epoche''; this old term the ruthless deity of time retained from oblivion;

pa, pa...

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger pluto85 said...

Le tue sono sempre parole belle

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Anonymous epoche to all said...

...and yet ur enfant terrible of ballad is amongst the top ten best selling musical boxoffice hits; curious enough not to think more of it; i'd rather stick to abba; sweet dreams are made of annifrid's vibrato in ''knowing me knowing you''...
so ab, ba, i mean pa pa, [or ba, ba, as my students - some of them at least - would say it]
no, i'd better go to sleep...

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